Over 60% of Poles didn’t read a book last year

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The National Library (Biblioteka Narodowa) has announced the results of its latest readership survey, which showed that in 2015, the share of Poles who didn’t read a single book increased to 63.1 percent from 58.3 percent in 2014.

As many as 27.2 percent of the respondents admitted they read between one and six books last year and only 8.4 percent replied that they read more than seven books.

More than half of Poles (57 percent) said that they read books at school or university, but stopped after graduating, while 18 percent confessed they have never read any books.

Only 45.6 percent of the respondents said that they had read a text longer than 3 pages in the month preceding the survey.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 3,000 Poles aged 15 and above.

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