Every forth city-dweller in Poland tried carsharing

Image : Shutterstock

More than one-third of Poles (34 percent) from big cities are familiar with carsharing services, according to a research company ARC Rynek i Opinia. Among them, one out of four already has experience with the service, and almost half (45 percent) plan to try it.

Most carsharing users in Poland use the service every day or several times a week (33 percent), 27 percent use shared cars 2-3 times a month, 25 percent – once a month, and 14 percent – less frequently. Nearly half of the respondents are interested in intercity carsharing.

The most well-known carsharing companies in Poland are Traficar, Panek, and 4Mobility. Panek started offering intercity carsharing from mid-December.

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