PAIH supporting 178 projects worth EUR 7.2 bln

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is currently supporting 178 foreign direct investments worth a total of EUR 7.2 billion, the agency said. Last year, PAIH worked on 179 projects with a total value of EUR 5.9 billion.

US companies are in first place in terms of the number of projects, as well as the number of jobs generated (52 projects, 13,929 jobs), followed by Germany (26 projects, 4,842 jobs) and Great Britain (13 projects, 2,090 jobs).

In terms of project value, South Korea (EUR 1.8 billion) and China (EUR 1.1 billion) dominate, which PAIH ascribes to the revival in the electromobility and automotive industry.

PAIH’s mission is to increase the inflow of foreign direct investment to the country and the scope and dynamics of internationalization of Polish enterprises.

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