Palikot to waive his MP mandate

Janusz Palikot, the founder of Your Movement (Twój Ruch) has announced that he is going to waive his parliamentary mandate to let Andrzej Dołecki, the leader of Free Cannabis movement “symbolically become an MP for two months,” the media reported.

Recently, Parents of Dołecki’s have been arrested for trying to import one liter of cannabis oil for medical purposes. Palikot believes that the charges are “absurd,” he is outraged by the fact that the dealer of designer drug was released by paying PLN 10,000 bail and The Dołeckis have not been given such chance.

“We are still negotiating with a prosecutor to release the family, but if it fails, I will waive my mandate,” Palikot told the media. “This parliament’s term is expiring, so it is a symbolic action, not a form of shifting the power,” he explained.

In 2011, Dołecki had third best result on the Warsaw ticket of the Palikot Movement (former name of the political grouping), in the parliamentary election.



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