People’s Artist of Ukraine throws down a gag to PKP on YouTube

Image : YouTube

On April 27, music band “Plyushevyy Brooklyn” (“Teddy Brooklyn”) along with the People’s Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov posted a music video on their YouTube channel called “Polish railway,” which almost at once appeared on both Ukrainian and Polish media.

In the video, the band sings “Hey, Polish railway, appoint Pavlo Zibrov as Polish State Railways (PKP)’s CEO.” It is a kind of ironic reaction after the Polish rock band frontman Wojciech Balczun became the head of the Ukrainian state railway operator, Ukrzaliznycia, in mid-April.

However, Ukrzaliznycia did not appreciate the Ukrainian singers’ humor. “Railway workers resent the People’s Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov’s behaviour. It is a pity that an undisputed authority for many fans of different generations has made such a senseless step – grossly violating safety rules in rail transport,” the officials emphasized.

You can watch the video here:

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