Pesa to build fuel locomotives for PKP Intercity

Image : PKP Intercity

Pesa Bydgoszcz, a Polish rolling stock producer will provide PKP Intercity, a Polish railway passenger transportation company, with 10 internal combustion locomotives. The transaction value will be PLN 131.2 million, PKP Intercity said on Thursday.

Pesa is also obliged to maintain the locomotives for a period of 12 years at least.

The locomotives, with their power amounting to 2.4 MW, will drive trains to a maximum velocity of 140 km/h and will stay in accordance with the emission standard STAGE IIIB, as well as safety norms.

The vehicles will allow PKP Intercity to use tracks that lack an overhead power line.

Seventy percent of the transaction value was financed with the help of EU funds. The contract is scheduled to be carried out by August 2015.

Currently, Pesa is also building 20 electric multiple units and modernizing 150 railroad cars for PKP Intercity.

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