PGE’s Bełchatów plant named EU’s worst polluter

Image : shutterstock Coal-fired plant in Bełchatów

Coal-fueled power plant in Bełchatów, owned by Poland’s biggest utility PGE was named the EU’s biggest polluter by the environmental campaigners who compiled a list of 30 biggest polluters in the EU. Bełchatów facility emits over 37 million metric tons of CO2. Second on the list, German plant in Neurath emits 33 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

According to the report, Germany and the UK are Europe’s worst polluters, both countries each have nine facilities on the list. “Germany and the UK are the self-declared climate champions of the EU,” said the report. “However, Germany uses more coal to generate electricity than any other EU country, while the UK comes third in absolute coal consumption for power after Poland.”

Besides Bełchatów, Poland has three other plants in the ranking, Kozienice (16th on the list, with annual CO2 emissions of 10.23 million tons), Turów (19th spot, 9.99 million tons) and Rybnik (25th, 8.39 million).

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