Piechociński: China’s troubles may influence Polish GDP

Image :Ministry of the Economy/Dariusz Iwanski

If the current issues affecting the Chinese economy become more serious, it may have an impact on Germany and, as a consequence, the Polish market, Janusz Piechociński, the Minister of the economy told Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily.

“If the hypothesis is confirmed that the threats from China are serious, the German economy will record 0.5 percent GDP growth, and in Poland it may be 2 percent, not 3.8 percent,” Piechociński told the daily.

The government assumed that this year, the Polish economy will grow by 3.4 percent and by 3.8 percent next year.

“If raw materials are cheap and deflation continues, despite planned inflation, it may be significant for the budget. And, if investors start to outflow money from Poland, because of political instability, the currency will weaken,” the minister added.

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