PIS leads the polls after scandal

Jarosław KaczyńskiImage : Flickr/wybierzpis.org.pl

In the wake of the tape-recording scandal that shook Polish public opinion, the Law and Justice (PiS) party is clearly ahead in the polls, well ahead of Civic Platform (PO).

In a poll conducted by TNS Polska for the national television channel TVP1, it appears that PIS is the most popular amongst Polish voters with 31 percent share of surveyed voters favoring the conservative camp. PO’s dip in popularity resulted in a 24 percent share of voters’ support.

A relative surge in popularity is experienced by Korwin-Mikke’s New Right Congress. This group would enter parliament with 10 percent share of the votes. While the social democrats are behind with 8 percent of the votes. 13 percent of voters have no opinion regarding who they’d like to vote for.

Also, a majority of respondents (51 percent) said that they’d like to see early elections due to the recently revealed objectionable behavior of PO politicians unmasked by the release of secret tape recordings.

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