PiS MP: Sunday trade ban may come into force in Jan 2017

The draft act on banning trade on Sundays may pass through parliament later this year and come into force in January 2017, said Adam Abramowicz, PiS MP and head of the parliamentary panel for promoting entrepreneurship and economic patriotism.

“This is not Law and Justice’s, nor the government’s project. This is a citizens’ initiative, if the required number of signatures is collected, then the project may come into effect in 2017,” Abramowicz said.

He added that foreign companies operating in Poland obey a ban on trade on Sundays in their countries of origin, therefore Poland should also introduce a similar mechanism to protect domestic entrepreneurs.

“A Polish entrepreneur, who would like to stay at home and dedicate time to his family has to open his shop, because this is what the competition does,” Abramowicz added.

On April 28, the Solidarity trade union established a committee for collecting signatures for banning trade on Sundays.


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