PiS picks Szydło as candidate for PM


Beata Szydło was named by Law and Justice (PiS) party as the official candidate for the prime minister post, the political grouping announced the news at its convention on Saturday.

“Beata Szydło meets all the conditions and the expectations. She is honest, hardworking and reliable,” said Jarosław Kaczyński presenting the candidate.

At the convention, Szydło mentioned all the election promises enumerated previously by Andrzej Duda. Hence, PiS is likely to operate its campaign in line with the political program presented by Duda in the presidential elections.

Szydło was the chief of the president-elect Andrzej Duda’s successful campaign. She served as the mayor of Brzeszcze (Silesia), she has been the MP since 2005.

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