PiS wins Poland’s parliamentary election – pre-eliminary results

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The common election list including Law and Justice (PiS) and candidates from right-wing parties has won the general election with 37.58 percent support, the State Electoral Commission said on Monday.

The Civic Platform, which has ruled Poland over the last eight years, garnered 24.09 percent of the vote.

KUKIZ’15 came in third with 8.81 percent support, and PSL has managed to garner 5.13 percent of the vote, PKW said. Nowoczesna gained 7.6 percent of support.

Neither the United Left, nor KORWiN or Razem have made it into the parliament. Final results of the election are due on Tuesday.

Pre-eliminary results: PiS 37,58 percent, PO 24,09 percent, Kukiz’15 8,81 percent, Nowoczesna 7,6 percent, PSL 5,13 percent, the United Left 7,55 percent, KORWiN 4,76 percent, Razem 3,62 percent.


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