PKP Cargo looking east, as well as west, in 2017

Image : PKP Cargo

The large state cargo and logistics operator, PKP Cargo, announced on Thursday that it will seek to expand its business with Chinese partners, as well as with existing western European partners, in 2017, and will expand its investment to modernize and improve domestic infrastructure. CEO Maciej Libiszewski, was speaking to reporters at a press briefing. “This year, we expect, among other things, to strengthen cooperation with Chinese partners in the framework of the idea of ​​the New Silk Road. Not so long ago [it] was widely recognized that another Chinese train [regularly] travels between China and London. All Chinese trains pass, of course, through Poland. [With respect to western Europe], the establishment of the shipping company in Germany [allows us] to develop our business in the EU market, aiming to attract new customers and cargo,” he said.

Within Poland, the company hopes to increase the volume of traffic in the segment of aggregates and building materials. He also stated that he felt the problem of the so-called noise nuisance was not as problematic as was originally indicated, and that it could be resolved by strategic construction of barriers to limit noise in key urban areas such as Warsaw. “The problem of the [train] braking [noise] is strongly exaggerated […] for Poles it is not really embarrassing. We live a country with an average of more than 120 people per square kilometer. In the Benelux countries, the density exceeds 400 persons per square kilometer. In Poland, the noise problem should be resolved as it has been with highways, [that is] through the construction of noise-dampening barriers. Such a solution would constitute a fraction of the cost, compared to the replacement of complete wheel sets,” he said.

Other improvements to the company’s infrastructure the CEO announced for 2017 included modernizing much of the rolling stock and streamlining Polish ports so that they can handle more containers and increase freight volumes.

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