PKP Cargo with transport contracts for PLN 222.8 mln

PKP Cargo has concluded two contracts for the transportation of steam coal to Połaniec Power Plant with a total value of approx. PLN 222.8 million, the company announced in a press release.

The first of the contracts concerns transport to Połaniec Węgrownia from Bogdanka. Within 19 months, PKP Cargo will transport 3.35 million metric tonnes, the estimated value of this contract is almost PLN 122.8 million.

Coal transport under the second contract will be carried out from the Silesian mines until the end of 2019, and the mass of coal planned for transport in this period will amount to 3 million tonnes. The estimated value of this contract is nearly PLN 100 million.

The largest Polish freight carrier has already carried out and currently transports coal for the ENEA Group, both from Bogdanka and from several Silesian mines.

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