PKP planning logistics scheme in Konin

Polish State Railways (PKP), Konin City Hall and Wielkopolskie Centrum Logistyczne Konin – Stare Miasto (WCL) have signed a letter of intent regarding their planned cooperation on the development of a logistics project in Konin in central Poland. PKP owns an approximately 4.8-hectare plot of land in the city, which is expected to house an intermodal terminal in the future.

WCL is to be financially involved in the scheme, while Konin City Hall is to support PKP and WCL during the process of obtaining the necessary permits and to ensure the optimal connection of the terminal with the surrounding transport infrastructure.

For PKP, the planned investment is part of its strategy of supporting the growth of rail freight forwarding and intermodal transport. The company wants to be involved in the construction of terminal infrastructure and has decided to earmark its selected properties for the development of TSL (transport, shopping and logistics) projects, said management board member Mirosław Antonowicz.

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