Platform enabling gym access for travelers launches in Poland

The global health and fitness industry is worth over $500 billion and more of the business is moving into the online fitness space. The latest entrant into the Polish market is TrainAway, a digital platform connecting travelers to their closest gym, which has launched in Warsaw. The platform acts both as a database listing all local gyms, as well as a means to access fitness centers on a one-off basis. Launching in Poland is the latest stage in an international expansion which has seen simultaneous launches in North and South America at the start of 2019.

Starting with nine partner gyms in Warsaw, through cooperation with the operator Total Fitness, TrainAway looks to expand its coverage in Polish capital throughout 2019. This builds on successful launches in Moscow and St Petersburg in 2018, and a strong market position in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The self-declared ambition of the business is to “eliminate barriers to fitness” and this is largely centered on helping people find a gym when away from home. Kenn Gudbergsen, co-founder of TrainAway, says this comes in two stages. “The first thing to do is make sure our users can find a gym wherever they are, so we built a user-friendly platform to discover nearby gyms in seconds. Next we want to make it possible to buy a day pass to gyms in every major city, and that’s what we’re doing in Poland at the moment.”

The company says that the problem is not always finding a fitness center, but actually being able to access its facilities without being a member. Much of the fitness industry still demands a lengthy commitment in order to use fitness centers, which can deter travelers only visiting a destination for a short while. TrainAway operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, with users only paying when they actually go to the gym. Other companies are also operating in the flexible gym membership space, such as ClassPass, GymPass and Payasugym, but TrainAway is the only such business active in continental Europe.

With both international travel and global fitness club memberships again expected to peak in 2019, there is certainly opportunity for those enabling travelers to keep up their active routine when away from home. With Warsaw’s popularity as a tourist destination increasing, there is little surprise that demand for this kind of service is also on the rise.

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