PM Szydło denies cabinet reshuffle plans, disciplines ministers

Image : KPRM/Flikr

PM Beata Szydło denied that she plans to reshuffle her cabinet anytime soon, which media has been hinting at for the last few weeks now. “It is not the time for such decisions,” government spokesman Rafał Bochenek said. The PM, however met with her ministers on Wednesday to discipline them and remind them that they’re all a part of the same team. “There’s no place for individual ambitions and careers,” Bochenek said, adding that “group interest is a priority here, as we’re all executing an important plan for Poland, the government’s plan.”

The meeting occurred one day, after Digitization Minister Anna Streżyńska said in an interview, that she doesn’t necessary support many economic and infrastructure aspects of the government’s work. “If you want to spend money, you have to first earn it,” she said, alluding to the cabinet’s costly social incentives plans.

In response, Szydło called up a meeting during which “legislative and media discipline” was discussed. “Ministers should focus on their’s job and when it comes to media activity, they should remember to be humble and restrained,” Bochenek explained.

In recent weeks, media has been busy with the talks of potential cabinet reshuffle, which would occur sometimes before the summer holidays. Ministers rumored to lose their jobs included, Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski and the Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz. According to Bochenek such reshuffle is not in the books and asked media to “stop spreading the rumors.”

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