PM Szydło: Polexit not an option

Image: P. Tracz/KPRM

Polexit is not being considered, and will never be considered by the Polish government, PM Szydło said, during an annual meeting of Polish ambassadors. “I want to be very clear here: The government will never agree to talk or think about Poland leaving the European Union,” she said.

Poland and the EU have been at loggerheads on a number of issues since ruling Law and Justice (PiS) came into power last year. The European Commission is mulling launching Article 7 procedures, which could strip Poland of voting rights, over the alleged infringement of the rule of law. The EU Court of Justice has demanded that Poland stop logging in the primeval Białowieża forest, which Warsaw in an unprecedented move has ignored. Lastly, Brussels warned Poland, and other CEE states that it must start taking in refugees from the Middle East or “face consequences.”

Despite, strained relations, Szydło affirmed that “there is no such discussion or idea, and the Polish government will never allow for discussions on and thinking about leaving the European Union by Poland. I’m saying it loud and clear.”

She added, that Poland wants to be a part of the “difficult but necessary” talks on the EU’s post-Brexit future, as the bloc is “at a turning point.” The PM, however, complained that Brussels treats some of its members, including Poland “in a way that could undermine the basic principles of the bloc’s functioning, such as solidarity.”

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