PM Szydło: relations with Germany “excellent”

Image: P. Tracz/KPRM

Prime Minister Beata Szydło told German tabloid newspaper Bild  ahead of Friday’s visit to Berlin that Polish-German relations are “excellent” and that she hopes Germany will back Poland in its efforts to increase NATO’s presence in the East.

“Germany is our important and close European ally,” said Szydło, adding that she hopes that certain decisions won’t be made without Poland’s accord. The Prime Minister gave an example of the NordStream 2 gas pipeline and the legal situation of the Polish minority in Germany, which doesn’t enjoy  “special rights” similar to those granted to the German minority in Poland.

Szydło said that her government wants to end the pursuit of foreign policy “on the knees” and that Poland is willing to have a better and more efficient representation in the EU. When asked if Poland will comply with the Venice Commission ruling over the Constitutional Tribunal law, she said that “although the decision is not legally binding, the government will take it into consideration.”

Concluding the interview, the Prime Minister wished for more reticence and respect from German politicians.

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