PO backs Komorowski as presidential candidate

Bronisław Komorowski Image : prezydent.pl

President Bronisław Komorowski announced that he will run for a re-election as Poland’s president in the upcoming elections in May.

I am encouraged to seek the second term as my job is well regarded and I enjoy a high level of trust. I see it as an approval of the presidency model I proposed five years ago, based on dialog, cooperation and seeking what unite us instead of what may divide us,” Komorowski said on Thursday.

The National Council of the Civic Platform (PO) adopted the resolution supporting Komorowski’s candidature by acclamation.

“On behalf of PO I would like to thank you for the last five years,” Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said during PO’s congress. “We throw our weight behind you and we will do anything in our power to make sure that the presidential election is our common success,” she added.

The vote is scheduled for May 10.

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