Poland 2nd most attractive investment location in CEE – AHK


Poland maintained its position as the second most attractive investment destination, behind Czechia, among CEE countries, according to a survey conducted by German-Polish Chamber of Commerce (AHK Polska). Poland received an overall score of 3.99 (on a scale of 1-6) in 2018, down from 4.09 in 2017.

As many as 90.1 percent of investors active in Poland would choose to invest in the country again, down from 95.6 percent last year, and the lowest figure since 2008. Between 2009 and 2016, the level never fell below 91 percent.

At the same time, the percentage of investors who see the economic standing of the country as good increased to 46.4 percent (from 32.1 percent in 2017), while 50 percent considered it to be satisfactory (54.3 percent in 2017) and only 3.6 percent as bad (versus 13.6 percent a year ago). A third of respondents (33.8 percent) expect the Polish economy’s condition to improve, 54.4 percent to remain unchanged and 11.8 percent expect it to worsen.

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