Poland 4th last in Refugee Welcome Index

Poland ranks 4th from the bottom in Amnesty International’s Refugees Welcome Index, which ranks 27 countries across all continents based on people’s willingness to let refugees live in their countries, towns, neighborhoods and homes.

The Index is based on a global survey of more than 27,000 people carried out by strategy consultancy GlobeScan. The survey asked people: how closely would you personally accept people fleeing war or persecution?

As many 56 percent of Poles said they would personally accept people fleeing war or persecution into their country. Only in Russia, the share of respondents turned out to be lower (33 percent). \

When it comes to accepting refugees into respondents’ homes, Poland ranked 4th last (three percent). Nonetheless, 43 percent of the respondents said that the Polish government should do more to help refugees fleeing war or persecution.

Overall, China came out on top, with almost half of respondents saying they would accept refugees into their own home. Russia, Indonesia and Thailand – which thousands of people tried to reach by boat after fleeing Myanmar last year – came bottom of the list.

People in Germany and the UK rank second and third as the most welcoming.  Almost a third of people in the UK – 29 percent – are willing to open up their own homes to refugees. Another 47 percent would let refugees live in their neighborhoods.

96 percent of Germans, who hosted around a million refugees last year, are still open to the idea of hosting more.

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