Poland Business Run 2018

September 2nd is the date for the 7th Poland’s largest charity relay; Poland Business Run 2018. As in the previous years, 5-people team pulling together, among others, representatives from Polish companies and institutions, will make their start simultaneously in the biggest cities in Poland in order to help people with reduced mobility. A record-shuttering number of over 23 thousand runners will take part in the event.

The Poland Business Run charity relay has already for six times allured employees from Polish companies and corporations, smaller enterprises, as well as famous actors, athletes and people of culture. Last year’s edition was for numerous reasons record-breaking; it was the first time for 8 cities in Poland to host as many as 20 135 runners. It was possible to collect PLN 1.6 m to help buy prostheses and finance rehabilitation for people with reduced mobility.

Run participants are united not only by sporting competition but also by the good cause. Polish Amputee Football team representative, a girl with very rare Poland syndrome, professional driver who cannot work without prosthesis, a 22-year-old woman who survived femur cancer are just a few among the beneficiaries of this year’s edition of the unique sporting event. Runners lining up at the start can help them. Since its origins, Poland Business Run has changed lives of over 350 people and new requests for help keep coming.

– Not everyone is aware of how many people are facing reduced mobility problems. Among our beneficiaries there are people who were born without a limb, lost it in an accident or because of cancer. In order to return to their everyday activity they need rehabilitation and prostheses which stands for over a dozen or tens of thousands Polish zloty. In most of the cases it is difficult to obtain such funding which is why the disabled turn for help to organizations like ours. Joining us this year runners will have a chance to put “on their feet” dozens of people. As in previous years we will support also other foundations and non-government organizations, says the President of the Poland Business Run Foundation, Agnieszka Pleti.

Thousands of people are engaged in Poland Business Run – runners, volunteers, ambassadors and sponsors. The good cause, active life-style promotion and employee integration made this event occupy a permanent place in sporting events calendar in many cities in Poland.

The Run takes place on September 2nd simultaneously in Lublin, Kraków, Warszawa, Wrocław, Katowice, Gdańsk, Łódź and Rzeszów. As in previous years, teams consist of 5 runners each of whom covers the distance of approximately 4 km.

More details available at: www.polandbusinessrun.pl.


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