Poland could draw students from the UK

According to an article in the UK newspaper The Independent, Poland is the most affordable place to study, taken from the UK perspective. The cost of studies at a Polish university (with accommodation and travel home to the British Isles included) amounts to £4,119.16, which is considerably less than such costs in the UK. The study does not list tuition as part of the costs of studying.

HSBC is responsible for the study that ranks the University of Warsaw in first place in affordability. Other universities that round out the top five affordable destinations include the University of Lisbon, Istanbul’s Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, Berlin’s Freie Universität and the University of Granada.

Poland has recently eased financial burdens for foreign students in order to make studying in Poland less of a hassle for internationals. Poland currently hosts about 46,000 foreign students.

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