Poland gets closer to rich EU countries, but slowly – WEI

Image: Shutterstock

Poland is gradually reducing the distance between the richest countries of the European Union. The country is close to reaching the average European level, but a number of actions should be taken to exceed it by 2030, Warsaw Enterprise Institute (WEI) reported. The research explores three key areas: the speed at which Polish national income per capita (PKB PPP) is approaching the most developed countries in EU, the probability of a crisis resulting from uncontrolled indebtedness of the state, and how attractive is living in Poland.

In terms of PPP GDP per capita, Poland is successively chasing Germany. This year Poland has moved closer to Germany by 1.5 percentage points. Still, it is only 21st in the total European ranking.

“2019 will be more difficult than the current one, we can count on economic growth at the level of 3.5-4 percent. I believe that such a slight slowdown is beneficial for the economy because it is better to develop at a steady high pace than through jumps”, head of Polish Development Fund Paweł Borys said at WEI conference.

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