Poland has the most polluted air in the EU

The European Commission has sent an opinion to the Polish government that the level of air pollution in the country infringes European law, according to Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza.

“Poland constantly breaches the EU norms and is not doing anything about it,” Iris Petsa, the EC’s Environment Press Officer was quoted by the daily.

The government has two months to initiate a legislative process aimed at reducing the level of air pollution. If the state fails to undertake any action, it might face a fine of PLN 4 billion imposed by the European Court of Justice, according to the Supreme Audit Office (NIK).

Poland has been trailing other EU countries in terms of air quality for years. In 2011, six out of 10 most polluted European cities were Polish, according to a study by the European Environment Agency. Kraków is experiencing more than 150 days each year above the EU’s target levels for air pollution. The air quality in Gliwice and Zabrze does not meet the EU’s standards for 125 days a year.

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