Poland in 30th place in OECD for professional activity of people aged 55+

Poland ranks 30th among 35 countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) results from the PwC ranking of the “Golden Age Index,” which assesses the professional activity of people aged over 55 in the labor market.

PwC experts stress the huge economic potential resulting from the greater professional activity of people over 55 years of age. If OECD countries managed to increase the employment rate of this group to the level recorded in New Zealand (76.1 percent in 2016), their GDP in the long term would increase by up to $3.5 trillion. For Poland alone, it would mean a GDP increase of $66 billion.

Among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the highest place in the “Golden Age Index” ranking is taken by Estonia, which ranked 4th. In 12th place is Latvia, and in 20th is the Czech Republic.

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