Poland is among EU countries with lowest health expenses

Image : Shutterstock

Poland recorded one of the lowest levels of health care expenses in the European Union – €700 per person in 2017. The country is on the 26th place or the third from the end in EU, according to data published by Eurostat. In three EU member states – Luxembourg, Denmark, and Sweden – health expenses per person amounted to €5,000 or more. The lowest expenses were in Romania (€400) and Bulgaria (€600) followed by Poland.

In terms of health expenses in relation to GDP – the highest share of in 2016 was recorded in France (11.5 percent), followed by Germany (11.1 percent) and Sweden (10.9 percent). The countries with the lowest share of expenses in GDP are Romania (5 percent), Luxembourg and Latvia (6.2 percent each), as well as Poland (6.5 percent).

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