Poland launches yellow card procedure to block energy ‘winter package’

Poland has launched a yellow card procedure aimed to block the so-called “winter package” plan to cut CO2 emissions, deputy energy minister Grzegorz Tobiszowski announced. “We have launched talks with particular EU member states, they are positive, but we’ll see to what extent the declarations translate into decisions,” Tobiszowski said. According to him, between 10-13 EU member states share Warsaw’s sentiments.

The “winter package” plans to limit CO2 emissions at new power plants to 550g per KWh. Out of 38 GW currently installed capacity in Poland, 28 GW would not meet the proposed criteria.

The yellow card procedure is a part of the EU’s subsidiarity control mechanism where action is only taken at EU level when it is more effective than EU countries acting alone at national, regional or local level. Where national parliaments consider that a proposed law does not comply with this principle, they can make their views known under the subsidiarity control mechanism. The effect of the reasoned opinions on the legislative procedure depends on how many national parliaments react and how many votes they represent. Each of the 28 national parliaments is allocated two votes. If there are 2 chambers, each has 1 vote.

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