Poland on the map as a logistics destination

Image : shutterstock

According to a CBRE report, Poland’s importance as a logistics center will continue to grow. In 2013, demand for modern warehouse space amounted to 2.1 million square meters, a record for the Polish market.

The top markets were Wrocław, where 485 thousand sqm were leased in 2013, and Poznań, with 432 thousand sqm leased. The largest potentate was Amazon, who leased a hall measuring 224 thousand sqm. Compared to previous years, the growth of modern warehouse space in Warsaw was lower. A total of 482 thousand sqm was leased in the Warsaw I and Warsaw II regions. Built-to-suit projects are especially popular.

For the country as a whole, ten percent of warehouses remain unoccupied. Although, most cities show single digit rates in this regard.

Poland is growing into its geographically strategic location. Many firms are deciding to open up their international logistics headquarters for the Central and Eastern European region in Poland. Furthermore, according to the report, rents should remain at current levels.

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