Poland places 24 in EU’s digital economy ranking

Image : Shutterstock

Poland took 24th place out of 28 member states in the European Union’s digital economy and digital society ranking published by the European Commission. The digital divide between leaders and those lagging behind is closing very slowly.

The index measures the progress of member countries towards society and the digital economy. It presents the results of countries in areas from communication and digital skills to computerization of enterprises and public services.

Poland, despite a more frequent use of video calls, social networks and online purchases, fell in the ranking when it comes to internet use. The results improved in communication and human capital. However, due to the progress in other countries, the final position in 2018 remained the same as the year before.

Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands are regarded as the most digitized countries with a score close to 70 points (out of 80 possible). Yet, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, and Poland score only around 30 points.

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