Poland promises to fight idea of multi-speed Europe at EU summit

Image : Wikimedia

According to the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński, Poland will “put up the fight” to stop the idea of multi-speed Europe. “We cannot accept any announcements of a two-speed Europe. This would mean either pushing us out of the European Union or downgrading us to an inferior category of members. We must oppose that with all firmness,” he said in an interview with wSieci weekly.

The upcoming EU summit will concentrate on EU’s future after Brexit. Some euro zone leaders argue that larger member states, which adopted euro might push ahead with further integration without the whole bloc following suit. This is one of the scenarios of the EU’s future presented by the EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker.

Poland and the EU have been on the outs recently, with Warsaw being the only country to oppose the reappointment of Donald Tusk as the European Council President, as well as the recent EU concerns over the Polish government reforms to the judiciary system, which according to top EU officials, undermine the rule of law.


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