Poland raises foreign trade forecasts

The ministry of entrepreneurship and technology has raised its exports growth forecast to 6.2 percent and imports to 8.7 percent. This means, that Polish companies will sell goods and services worth €219.5 billion abroad this year and import €224 billion worth of products.

“As a result of the continued strong consumption demand and recovery in investments, it seems reasonable to raise the forecasts. In line with our previous assumptions, the activity of our main trading partners is slowing down. […] Additionally expected high growth of our economy in Q4 and very good results of our production at the beginning of the fourth quarter let us assume that the annual export dynamics will slightly exceed the 6  percent assumed for the entire year,” the ministry explained.

According to Central Statistics Office GUS data, at end-September, exports amounted to €162 billion and grew by 6 percent, while imports increased by 8.6 percent to €164.6 billion.

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