Poland ranks 11th in global school ranking by OECD


OECD complied a report which shows the link between education and economic growth, based on data from 76 countries. The official result will be presented at the World Education Forum next week, but BBC managed to get unofficial information, in line with which Poland took 11th spot globally and 5th among European countries. The top five places were taken by Asian countries, with Singapore as the leader.

“This is the first time we have a truly global scale of the quality of education,” said the OECD’s education director, Andreas Schleicher.

“The idea is to give more countries, rich and poor, access to comparing themselves against the world’s education leaders, to discover their relative strengths and weaknesses, and to see what the long-term economic gains from improved quality in schooling could be for them,” he said.

The latest PISA ranking showed that Polish 15 year old students are the best (along with Dutch, Estonian and Finnish) among their peers from the EU when it comes to their skills and knowledge regarding math and physics.

The rankings are based on an amalgamation of international assessments, such as the OECD’s Pisa tests, the TIMSS tests conducted by US-based academics and TERCE tests in Latin America, placing developed and developing countries on a single scale.

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