Poland scores #18 on press freedom ranking

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Earlier last week, Reporters Without Borders published their annual World Press Freedom Index with Poland standing at #18 out of the 180 countries ranked in this year’s study

by Santiago de la Presilla

Finland stands strong at #1 since 2010, with their Scandinavian counterparts Norway and Denmark in 2nd and 3rd place for the fifth year in a row. Moreover, Poland has moved up the ranking from #32 in 2010 to #18 where it stands today.
According to the same report “Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea, were the worst performers,” with a clear worldwide deterioration on press freedom, “the 2015 World Press Freedom Index highlights the worldwide deterioration in freedom of information in 2014. Beset by wars, the growing threat from non-state operatives, violence during demonstrations and the economic crisis, media freedom is in retreat on all five continents.”
While the report is indeed worrying, with the subheading being “decline on all fronts,” it also recorded the rise of several nations who were not on “the risers” list, last year. With countries such as: Mongolia (rising 34 places,) Tonga (who held its first democratic elections 5 years ago) and Georgia rising up by 15 spots, being close to “where it was before the 2008 war.”
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