Poland signs COP21 agreement

(L-R) Minister jan Szyszko, PM Beata Szydło Image :twitter.com/PremierRP

Poland was among 195 countries who signed a landmark deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions on Saturday at the COP21 climate summit held in Paris.

Environment Minister, Jan Szyszko pointed out that Poland “can return with its head held high,” PM Beata Szydło said at a press conference on Monday that Poland “has succeeded” and “professor Jan Szyszko has worked out an agreement including assumptions we had before COP21.”

After two weeks of intense negotiations, world leaders set a long-term goal to keep the planet’s average temperature below 2˚C and support ($100 billion a year, beginning in 2020) developing countries in adapting to the effects of global warming. A five-year review process keeping track of individual countries’ targets will be implemented to make sure countries deliver on their pledges.

Minister Szyszko said that “Poland’s great contribution” to the agreement was a clause on protecting the world’s forests.

The deputy head of Poland’s COP21 delegation, Tomasz Chruszczow said the agreement does not rule out the use of coal, which accounts for 80 percent of Poland’s energy production, but rather sets a framework for more sustainable development. “It’s the best agreement we could have hoped for,” Chruszczow admitted.

The agreement, replacing the existing Kyoto Protocol, is to come into force in 2020.

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