Poland sold PLN 12.7 bln retail bonds in 2018

The Ministry of Finance sold PLN 12.71 billion retail bonds last year, which is the best result in a decade, the office informed, easily beating the previous record from 2017 when PLN 6.86 billion worth of such papers were sold. Last year, the ministry offered papers maturing between three months and 10 years.

“2018 was by far the best year for retail bonds in years. Sales in 2018 were higher than in the record-high 2017 by over 85 percent. Purchasers appreciated treasury bonds by allocating more than PLN 1 billion on average per month for their purchase. This result confirms the growing popularity of this form of saving. The bonds with the shortest maturity date, i.e. 3 months, earmarked for people willing to engage their capital for a very short period of time, enjoyed the greatest interest in 2018. Customers spent nearly PLN 4.2 billion on their purchase (33 percent share in the sales structure). Another popular (28 percent share) were 2-year bonds, which, similarly to 3-month bonds, have a fixed, predetermined rate of return. We also recorded an increase in sales of 4 and 10-year inflation-indexed bonds. Buyers of savings bonds allocated a total of 4.4 billion (34 percent) for the purchase of this type of instruments,” said Deputy Finance Minister Piotr Nowak.

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