Poland spent PLN 19 bln on Family 500+ so far

Image : shutterstock

Poland paid out PLN 19 billion to 3.82 million children under the Family 500+ program, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, Elżbieta Rafalska said. Only children account for 669,000 of the total figure of the applicants. According to Rafalska, because of the program, the number of families that apply for social welfare has declined. “The makeup of social recipients has shifted from families with multiple children to senior citizens and unemployed,” she said.

The Family 500+ scheme is a child benefit program from the Polish government. Under the program, the government hands out PLN 500 per month for every child in a family whose per capita income is lower than PLN 800 per month and for every second and subsequent child, regardless of family income. The sum is aimed at all parents, including single parents, and is not subject to taxes.

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