Poland to gain ground on Germany by 2040 – report

Within 25 years, Poland may achieve GDP per capita equal to 75-85 percent of that of Germany, according to a report compiled by consulting company Deloitte.

The company reminded that Poland’s accumulated GDP growth in years 1990-2014 has  stood at 238 percent and has been the highest among all post-Soviet countries as well as big EU economies.

Currently, when it comes to economic development, Poland is placed at 55 percent of Germany’s level and at 70 percent of Spain’s.  Our economy may gain ground to Germany’s GDP pp if certain conditions, such as an increase in the volume of domestic savings and an increase in investment rates, are met. Pension savings constitute only 0.91 percent of Polish GDP and the investment rate amounts to 18 percent, whereas it has to reach at least 23 percent to improve the economic condition of the country, the report concluded.

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