Poland to implement REIT law by 2018

Poland will present a new draft of the bill on real estate investment trusts (REIT) in several weeks, Marcin Obroniecki from the Finance Ministry said. The institution should be introduced into Polish law by 2018.

“We would like to finalize this issue this year,” Obroniecki said. “We would like REITs to be present in the Polish legal order as of the new year,” he added.

The potential bill would include residential property, Obroniecki said.

The initial PLN 60 million charter capital requirement will most likely be lowered.

“I can’t give you a figure, but we are ready to come down. There have been various scenarios: PLN 30 million, PLN 20 million,” Obroniecki explained.

Also the issues of shareholder structure and taxing dividends are yet to be decided.

The new draft and social consultations are a matter of weeks,.

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