Poles build houses before they are 40, usually in the countryside

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Poles usually build their own house in the countryside (57 percent of them choose the countryside for their residence), while only 19 percent build a house in a city of over 50,000 residents and 9 percent in a city of over 500,000 residents, according to a report by web portal oferteo.pl. As many as 17 percent of new houses are built in the Mazowieckie region, followed by Wielkopolskie with 11 percent.

People between 31 and 35 accounted for 29 percent of the respondents, while 26030 year-olds and 36-40 year-olds accounted for 20 percent each.

Almost a quarter of respondents said that building  a house was a way of fulfilling their dream, 18 percent said that it was relatively cheaper than buying an apartment and 16 percent wanted to increase their living space.





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