Poles spent PLN 19.3 billion on beer in 2013 – KPMG

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As many as 88 percent of adult Poles consumed beer in 2013, while 22.8 million people (73 percent of the adult population) drank the beverage regularly or at least several times during the year. In 2013, Poles purchased 3.82 billion liters of beer for a total of PLN 19.3 billion.

Beer purchases represented 47 percent of Poles’ total alcohol spending, according to a report by consultancy KPMG. Beer producers expect some 2 percent increase in volume over the next two years, the report said. “Beer consumption has been growing in Poland for years. However, the market is approaching its growth limit in terms of volume,” said Tomasz Wiśniewski, partenr at KPMG.

Poland is one of the biggest beer markets in Europe. As much as 3.28 billion liters of beer was sold in 2013, which translates into an average of 121 liters per an adult Pole. There are markets with higher beer consumption per capita, including Germany (128 liters) and the Czech Republic (175 liters). “These are markets with a much more mature and deeply rooted beer culture, where beer plays a bigger role in the entire alcoholic beverage market,” Wiśniewski explained.

As many as 84 percent of Polish men and 63 percent of women drink beer with some regularity. The beverage is more popular with younger age groups. Over 80 percent of Poles aged 18-39 consume beer regularly, while the percentage is significantly lower (62 percent) among Poles aged 55 and above.

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