Poles spent PLN 41.1 bln on alcohol in 2013

Image : shutterstock

According to the report by KPMG consultancy, Poles bought PLN 41.1. billion worth of alcohol products last year. Most of this was spent on beer (47 percent) and vodka (30.7 percent). Out of that figure, 31 percent was spent on so-called “premium products”, while 26 percent on economy brands.

Market experts polled by KPMG, estimate that while beer sales will grow by 4 percent next year, the market is nearing its potential, while vodka sales should decline by 4 percent this year and another 3 percent in 2015, mostly because of the increase of the excise tax (by 15 percent at the beginning of this year), and Poles changing their drinking habits. “Poles are turning to higher quality products and brands associated with higher value. There is also strong push towards innovation, meaning Poles are trying new products and tastes,” said Andrzej Bernatek, partner at KPMG.

Due to all this, experts predict whiskey segment to rise by some 8 percent in 2014 and 2015 each.

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