Poles want to vote in Duda’s referendum

Image :prezydent.pl

Recent Millward Brown poll showed that 66 percent of Poles declare a willingness to vote in a referendum, which was proposed by President Andrzej Duda to take place on October 25. As much as 45 percent of the respondents are sure they would vote, whereas 21 percent would “rather” do so.

The referendum scheduled by former president Bronisław Komorowski for 6 September will be probably visited by fewer Poles. As much as 33 percent asserted they would come, however 22 percent will “rather” appear at the ballots (55 percent in total). It has to be noted that 50 percent of the  Polish citizens have to vote in order for the referendum to be binding.

As far as the questions are concerned, Poles want single-member districts to be introduced (62 percent), a termination of financing parties with budget money (75 percent) and a resolution of doubts in the tax law in tax payer’s favor (90 percent), which has been already signed by the former president.

Poles also support the decrease of retirement age (87 percent), the prohibition of privatization of state-owned forests (79 percent) the canceling of 6 – year olds’ school duty (75 percent).

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