Poles work 45 hours per week on average – report

Image : shutterstock

The average Pole works 45 hours a week, according to a study conducted by Kantar Millward Brown pollster. The more money they earn, the more hours they put in, as those with salaries over PLN 3,999 work 50 hours per week, while those self-employed “enjoy” a 55 hour-long working week. Those earning below PLN 1,999 monthly, work 42.2 hours weekly on average. “Our research shows that the difference between people with the biggest and the smallest income is 8 hours a week, i.e. one working day,” Andrzej Kubisiak from Work Service, which commissioned the report, said.

“Low investment in combination with staff shortages mean that companies need to increase their working hours to retain production levels. For the long term, this is not a proper solution, because the overworked staff is not efficient, and causes overtime, which increases staff costs, which will ultimately affect everyone in growing product prices,” Kubisiak commented on the report findings.

According to the report, men work 5.5 hours longer than women, which also translates into wage differences in both sexes.

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