Polish businessmen launch energy drink called “Brexit”

Image : twitter/Manchester Evening NewsPaweł Tumiłowicz

Two Polish businessmen living in England have launched their own energy drink called “Brexit” in the wake of the Brexit referendum. The new venture by Paweł Tumiłowicz and Mariusz Majchrzak is causing a stir in Prestwich, where their business is based.

Tumiłowicz says they named their product Brexit Energy Drink “for a laugh” and not for any political reason. “It was a bit of fun really. People keep asking us whether we were trying to make a political statement. We weren’t at all. We just thought it was a cheeky name so we went with it. It’s a great energy drink and I think people really like it, and not just for the name,” said the father of three.

Tumiłowicz moved to Manchester from Poland 12 years ago to work as a security guard and has lived there since then. He says he has not experienced any hostility towards him or his family following Britain’s vote to leave the EU. In fact, he is optimistic about Britain’s future.

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