Polish cosmetics market worth PLN 16 bln – Deloitte

Image : shutterstock

The Polish cosmetics market was worth PLN 16 billion in 2016, while in 2002 its value stood at PLN 9 billion. Over the past 15 years the market grew by 78 percent nominally and by 32 percent in real terms, which translates into 2 percent growth a year, according to a report prepared by advisory Deliotte. The growth is particularly significant considering that mature markets, such as French and Italian recorded a decrease over the same period, of 0.19 percent and 1.09 percent respectively.

The Polish cosmetics industry generates PLN 7 billion in added value a year and creates 43,000 jobs. It is the sixth largest cosmetics market in Europe and is growing the most rapidly.
“In the next few years, the Polish economy should continue to grow, and with it the cosmetics industry. At the same time, the society will be becoming more wealthy and that will result in an increased demand for cosmetics,” said Julia Patorska, economist and senior manager at Sustainability Consulting Deloitte. “The structure of the demand will change, with the sales of more expensive products increasing. As a result of the aging demographics, demand for elderly care products will grow as well,” she added.

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