Polish food exports may reach €25 bln this year

The value of Polish food exports could reach €25 billion this year compared to €24 billion in 2015, according to Jacek Bogucki, secretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture.

We are hoping to approach €25 billion in Polish food exports this year, but it will be difficult considering the situation in external markets, including falling prices,” Bogucki said on Monday during the 9th Food Market & Retail Forum taking place in Warsaw.

The spectrum of exports is changing. We are becoming exporters in areas where we were behind, such as poultry farming, preparations containing cocoa, coffee, and salmon. Exports of highly processed products are rising,” he added. Bogucki pointed out that in 2015 food exports grew by 10 percent to around €24 billion, and that Polish products reached the majority of European markets.

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