Polish government admits that Sunday trade ban might impact the economy

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Polish government in an impact study on the draft bill to ban Sunday trade wrote that the potential implications of said bill could include decline in trade turnover as well as an outflow of foreign investments.

“The provisions of the draft bill could result in decline of trade turnover, both domestic and foreign, decline of competitiveness of Polish maritime ports compared to foreign ports as well as outflow of foreign investments,” the document said.

Poland’s role in the system of international transport corridors and in an international logistics chain could be reduced, as well as negatively impact the competitiveness of railway cargo shipments, the opinion reads.

The government doesn’t expect changes to its labor market if the bill is implemented.

Last week, the cabinet gave a green light for further work on the draft bill but would recommend a number of changes, including the gradual implementation of the changes.

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