Polish hammer thrower gets hammered loses medal

Image: Wikipedia

Paweł Fajdek, a Polish hammer thrower who won gold at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing on Sunday, reportedly paid for a taxi home with his medal after getting drunk during a night out celebrating his triumph.

According to Chinese media outlet Tencent, Poland’s Paweł Fajdek woke up in the morning only to find he no longer had his precious trophy. The hammer thrower contacted police, which helped to trace the taxi driver, who told them Fajdek had willingly handed his medal over as a payment. After persuasion from police, the taxi driver returned the missing medal.

Polish media, however, reported that Fajdek left the medal in the cab, after the taxi driver had taken a photo with it.

The police used CCTV footage to track down the driver and Fajdek reclaimed his loss.

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